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Thread: bird names in Arabic

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    bird names in Arabic

    Hi Ahmed, Khalifa, Mohammed ...or any Arabic speakers

    Can you please give me Arabic translations for Purple Sunbird, Laughing Dove, White-eared Bulbul, Common Mynah, Indian Silverbill, Graceful Prinia and House Sparrow? (..for the education of my students, who, incidentally, say they prefer cats)

    Many thanks


    ps will send wedgie/sooty pics asap

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    there are arabic names and local names..

    the Arabic names are just a translation from the common English name.. while the local names are indicative or symbolic (which make more sense to us arabs)

    for more than a year now i've been going everywhere speaking to old people who know these names as the new generation never cared enough to inherit this part of tradition (it is a kind of the parents mistake too not teaching their children about it). yet, i am only slightly more than 30% complete because local names may differ from location to another and you know how vast uae can be (from RAK to WR).

    anyway, i'll give you the best translation i can give (simple and understandable).
    (((please note that in arabic you might have the same name indicating more than one species.)))

    Purple Sunbird
    (التمّير الآسيوي) pronounced al tummeir al asiawi (arabic name)
    (بو بعيره) pronounced bu bu'airah (local name restricted to a part of alain and hatta area.. some parts of RAK as well)

    Laughing Dove
    (حمامه) Hamamah (arabic>> which indicate a pigeon)
    (حمامة بر) hamamat bar (local> which indicate doves)
    (دبسيه) depsyeah (local, singular, which specifically indicate a laughing dove)

    White-eared Bulbul
    (بلبل) Bulbul (arabic and local.. though in KSA called balbool)

    Common Mynah,
    (مينا) menah (which is so close to mynah.. since this bird have been recently introduced to uae, there is no old local name for it.. as you see it is abstracted from the english name)

    Indian Silverbill,
    (عصفور) asfoor (arabic > which indicate all sparrow-like birds)
    (خرّيّط) khrrait (local..restricted to UAQ) which is adjective of whomever collecting the acacias flowery tall thingies that flourish now in summer, it might also indicate the grass spike as you usually find silverbills crazy at)

    Graceful Prinia
    طنّيف (Tnneif>> local, from the sound it makes whin it fly (tunnnff tunnnf) adj.
    دسيسي (dsaysie >> which also indical a warbler as well.. adj. from the arabic verb which mean hiding as the prinia and warbler lways hide in bushes and trees)

    House Sparrow
    (عصفور) asfoor (arabic > which indicate all sparrow-like birds)

    Khalifa, Mohammed, yousif, any other arabic speaker may add more if they like..

    I hope this helps huw.
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    Ahmed Al Ali

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    Fantastic!! and interesting..

    Thanks very much Ahmed.


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    i just want to add this:

    Sooty Gull (النورس الصخامي) (Nawras sokhmii)
    in local arabic (السويدي) (sowaidi) for it color...

    the Terns (الخرشنة) (al kharshnhh)
    in local (الفرخ) (al farkh) for its small size...
    Waheed Al Fazari
    Environmental Biology BSc.

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    yup... these are correct indeed... thanks waheed...

    however, in uae these names above are used in the east coast only .. ras alkhaima and sharjah and dubai has differant names for the sooty gull while abu dhabi calls the terns with another differant name.. ..

    anyway, great addition waheed
    Ahmed Al Ali

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    thats sound intersting....
    coz these names are from the northern region of Oman coast.. close to where u mentioned..
    am gusng sm clture ...
    Waheed Al Fazari
    Environmental Biology BSc.

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