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Thread: Where to buy Nikon binoculars in Abu Dhabi or Dubai

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    Where to buy Nikon binoculars in Abu Dhabi or Dubai

    I've been doing an online search and Nikon lists Grandstores as a distributor. However, they don't list binoculars as a product. I would be grateful for suggestions of where to go to buy Nikon Monarch binoculars in, preferably, Abu Dhabi or, secondarily, Dubai. Thanks.
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    All Grand Stores Digital stores should stock Nikon Monarchs.
    I tried to get hold of a pair early last year but found that most places were out of stock here due to Nikon's supply being badly affected by the tsunami. I have seen Nikon Monarchs in the Grand Stores in Abu Dhabi Mall recently, I think.
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    Thanks! I will go there and see what's available.

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    Just check in Now they are the leading online shopping site in Dubai. Recently i bought one Canon G1X camers. quality product. Just check once.

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    I've found this Nikon official store on internet: Saleh Bin Lahej Building, Mezzanine Floor Al Garhoud, Deira, Dubai

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