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Thread: Very useful big gull ID resource!

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    Very useful big gull ID resource!

    Check this link out - well done to Jem for putting together a very useful summary of large gull id in his part of Saudi. His conclusions and comments on abundance are reasssuringly close to what I think we mainly agree is the general picture in the UAE and the fact that we get a bigger proportion of heuglini than he does, and a lower proportion of fuscus, armenicus and, seemingly cachinnans genuinely reflects the preferred wintering ranges of these taxa. That said, we know for sure that fuscus does occur here at least (very?) rarely and there has got to be a chance of a wandering armenicus too - get reading, get out there and get taking picture - preferably of open wings from above and below!

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    Hi Oscar,
    I'm regularly read this amazing blog. this ID link is very good. I believe we should have Armenian gull or yellow legged at any time but the large headed gulls tend to be shy. I have another photographical site to share which sets every bird with age. Maybe you guys aware of it too.
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    This morning while crossing the Garhoud bridge into Bur Dubai area I noticed a massive swirling “cloud” of Gull’s on both sides of the bridge. I drove into the Al Boom Tourist Village right up to the end of the road next to the bridge to get a better look.
    There were literally thousands of Gulls and I could see some Yellow legs/beaks, some Red legs, lots of what I consider 1st winter plumage and varying sizes of bird as well in amongst the chaos.
    That’s why I thought it best to resurrect this post as it is appropriate with the information. I think this area would make for a good study location regarding the Gulls we have here, as it seems to be an extremely heavily populated area.

    Thanks Oscar for that link, I might give this a go myself now!
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