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Thread: Update from EBRC - 14th October 2016

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    Update from EBRC - 14th October 2016

    Hi folks

    just a couple of pieces of news from EBRC.

    The recent circulation, covering records up to late Sept, has just been completed - verdicts are at the usual place ie here.

    A lot of work has been done over the summer on the UAE annotated Checklist - viewable from the link on this page. A long-running review on past and current records of a number of tricky species was finally completed in the first half of 2016 and the results of this have been incorporated into the checklist. In addition, after some discussion, we have decided to revise some of the categories used and have generally revamped much of the introduction, layout etc. My thanks especially to Mark for making a lot of the running on this.

    As discussed on this thread, several members of the EBRC were approached by BirdLife in the summer to assist in an assessment of the extent of illegal hunting and killing of birds in the UAE. This has recently been completed and the requested data submitted for processing. Many thanks to Jacky for taking on almost all of the heavy lifting on this one, with input from a number of others.


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    I would like to say a big thanks you Gentlemen for all the work you put in to this task, it really is appreciated.
    I have been reading through the Annotated Checklist and it really has helped with my understanding towards species identification, again, many thanks for all your hard work.
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