Hi all

Yesterday in Al Quaa nice morning, early still chilly and soft breeze

Cattle egret 16
Wester marsh Harrier 2 female
Turkestan Isabeline Shrike 3
Pied wheathear 8: 6 male and 2 female, notice some different coloration on the chest of the males. Diferent subspecies??
Isableine wheathear 2
Siberian Stonechat 2
Common stonechat 1 Pic attached to confirm
Barn swallow 3
Common Kestrel 2
Water pipit Many
Eastern honey buzzard 1. Guess it was a female. Quite big and dark body and underwings. Did not take pictures and did not see the tail well to tell from common HB but the size was really big.

Mercure hotel and wadi Tarabat looking for cinereous unsuccessfully.

Blue rock Thrush 3 2 male and 1 female
Sand partridge 5 at lest 3 male singing
Hume´s Wheathear 4
Striolated bunting 6
Common redstart 1
Turkestan isabelin shrike 1
Desert lark 5
Unidentified warbler 1. Attached pictures. Feeding on the grass. To me looks like plain leaf but need confirmation pl.
White spectacled bulbul 6
Pale crag martin 3

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