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Thread: Yellow-billed Stork on a ledge at Emirates Towers, Dubai

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    Yellow-billed Stork on a ledge at Emirates Towers, Dubai

    Recurrent sightings starting June 14, with the bird showing up for various lengths of time to rest and preen on the same ledge in mid to late afternoon before flying off to an unknown destination. It appeared to be seeking shade and a launch spot with access to thermals.

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    Tamsin Carlisle

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    Nice find Tamsin, I wonder if it may be a captive bird from the Zabeel Palace area, I see up to 6 Great Crested Crane on the Oud Metha Rd each morning so heaven only knows what's being kept behind the Palace walls these days!
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    Interesting pattern of behaviour, Tamsin. There were a few of these west of the Mangrove Hide at Ra's al-Khor over a period of several years. They were probably from one of the Zabeel palaces.
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    Yes, I do think it probably came from Zabeel Palace.
    This particular bird's behavior is consistent with that described for males laying claim to potential nesting sites. They apparently perform preening displays to attract females, with long sweeps of bill along wing-edge being a hallmark. I shot a couple of video clips of this behavior yesterday. I don't know how to edit videos, so please excuse the initial shaking on each of these as I pressed the camera shutter to start recording.
    Tamsin Carlisle

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