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Thread: Preserve behind Ain Al Fayda and Zakher Lake

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    Preserve behind Ain Al Fayda and Zakher Lake

    So after thinking I might have had a Basra Reed Warbler at work two days ago and subsequently reading up on them, I thought if there were any passing through Al Ain then the preserve behind Ain Al Fayda would be a good place to start, particularly as there's a lot of tamarix scrub there, which apparently preferred by Basra Reeds on passage. True to form the "nature preserve", the roadside fence to which has been torn down in one section, turned up relatively little despite lots of reeds, mud flats, and open water. On to Zakher Lake where in my sudden-onset Acro fever I tried unsuccessfully to turn two juvenile Clamorous feeding in the fodder field into Basra Reeds. Abraham was much more circumspect than I, and Simon and Mark's comments on WhatsApp brought me fully to my senses.
    All in all there was a fair amount of activity at Zakher compared to Ain Al Fayda, with Blue-cheeked and Little Green Bee-eaters hunting over the fodder field and young Eurasian Reed and Clamos in the reeds near the inflow. The highlight was a Little Bittern that posed for us on the top of the reeds, offering long, satisfying views.
    Here are pics of one of the young Clamos and the bittern.
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    Really glad to see this exotic birds with super greeny nature in the middle east.

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