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Thread: Birds Seen in AL QUDRA LAKE and the nearby pivot fields

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    All the gulls are trapped wild birds, then sentenced to a slow and painful death
    Tommy Pedersen
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    Yesterday I revisited the area but did not see any trace of the gull, dead or alive. When I photographed it could fly well and land properly on the shore of the lake. Possibly it could see by one eye. I gave a try to catch but it was too strong to be nabbed. Hope it has gone back.
    Dr. Reza Khan

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    Hi Dr Reza,

    I tried to gain entry into Al Qudra Lake last Saturday but the main entrance behind the Equestrian Centre was blocked off by a large water truck parked in a way to stop all access. The hole in the fence in the area with the Mosque was being repaired but I managed to get through there only to find large sand mounds had been deposited in front of the white gate across the track. I asked one of the groundsmen why no access and he said the Lake is dirty water. Is everything OK at the Lake, is the birdlife there safe?

    Thanks in advance for any answers you may be able to provide.
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