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Dubai Pivot Fields - 25.169707N , 55.432797E

Dubai area:

Dubai Pivot Fields consisted of two circular grassy fields (watered by two pivotal watering structures) located 18 km east of downtown Dubai. It was discovered by Colin Richardson during spring 1997, closed and no longer watered as of July 2015.


Update July 2015:
This site is now closed. No longer watered, grass dead, area birdless.

Update March 2015:
This site will be closed shortly as leasing contract to the company using it expired Dec 2014, but has been extended on a monthly basis.

Update March 2014:
There is no access for birders between 11:00 and 13:30.

Update November 2012:
The small pivot has been dug up. Few birds present. The central reedbed and canal has been filled in.


Directions and access:

To get to the Dubai Pivot Fields, take the main road (Road 44) from Dubai to Hatta/Oman. After appx 18 km from Sheik Zayed Road, passing Dragon Mart and International City on your right side, you will see a brown sign to 'Dubai Textile City'. Take this exit.
After another 160m, there is a turnoff to your left. Take this, and drive 940m along the fence of Dubai Pivot Fields to the gate.
The gate is located at Google Earth coordinates 25.164583 , 55.430979.
Park outside the gate and walk in (no access since July 2015).


Birding strategy:

To cover the area thouroughly, birders used to spend 4-5 hours or more on foot.

Walk north along the large pivot to where it meets the smaller pivots. Follow the road to the end (towards Hatta Road), then go left (west), covering the entire smaller pivot. This is the favourite haunt for White-tailed Lapwing, and if Sosciable Lapwings are present, they will most likely be found here. As are Buff-bellied Pipits.

After finishing the smaller pivot, move on to the large pivot, trying to flush Oriental Skylarks and other larks from the center, Jack Snipe and raptors as well. The short grass bordering the large pivot is good for pipits and wagtails.

The bushes and trees bordering the area are well worth checking for passerines.



237 species (excluding escapes) have been recorded as of July 2015.

The Dubai Pivot Fields held a good breeding populations of White-tailed Lapwings (20+ pairs in 2009), and was proven to be the most reliable site in the UAE for wintering Buff-bellied Pipits and Sociable Lapwings.

Rarities have included Red-crested Pochard, Intermediate Egret, Hen Harrier, Black-winged Pratincole, Black Tern, Sykes's Nightjar, Little Swift, Brown Shrike, Pale Martin, Wire-tailed Swallow, Calandra Lark, Moustached Warbler, Ring Ouzel.




Big pivot 2014, © Nimit Virdi. As of July 2015, these fields are dry, dusty and birdless.


Small pivot 2014, © Nimit Virdi. As of July 2015, these fields are dry, dusty and birdless.



Big pivot 2007, © Odd Bruce Hansen. As of July 2015, these fields are dry, dusty and birdless.