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News - the latest UAE birding highlights.
Rare bird news are posted here for the benefit of the wider UAE birding community.
All reports of
rare birds are subject to assessment by the EBRC and should not be considered formal records.

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Detailed info regarding exact location and access information on the rare birds below may be found by checking the UAE Bird Forum


10 July 2015; The Bay-backed Shrike and Eastern Cattle Egret still present at Wamm Farms.

8 July 2015; Western Cattle Egret breeding in Al Ain city, 30 nests counted.

6 July 2015; The Black Drongo showing well in Mushrif National Park, as did a Pallid Scops Owl.

4 July 2015; A Jacobin Cuckoo at Wamm Farms - 4th UAE record.
...................Also present was a whooping 4 Amur Falcon, the Bay-backed Shrike and the Eastern Cattle Egret.

3 July 2015; A new Amur Falcon at Wamm Farms - 19h UAE record.
...................Also present was one Bay-backed Shrike and one Eastern Cattle Egret.

20 June 2015; One Bay-backed Shrike at Wamm Farms - 28th UAE record.

17 June 2015; The Black Drongo showing well in Mushrif National Park.

13 June 2015; Two Amur Falcon at Wamm Farms - 18th UAE record.

10 June 2015; A Black Drongo in Mushrif National Park - 7th UAE record.

2 June 2015; One Masked Booby off Khor Kalba - 24th UAE record. One Sooty Shearwater was 25th record.

9 May 2015; One Red-headed Bunting at Al Mamzar Park - 8th UAE record.
...................One Calandra Lark at Wamm Farms - 9th UAE record and only second UAE spring record.
...................One Purple Swamphen (Grey-headed) at Emirates Golf Club - 11th UAE record and first away from the
Al Warsan/Al Wathba area since 1996.

7 Apr 2015; One Black Drongo at Discovery Gardens, Gems School Academy - 6th UAE record.

4 Apr 2015; One Bay-backed Shrike at Wamm Farms - 27th UAE record.

31 Mar 2015; The male Taiga Flycatcher still showing well in Al Mamzar Park

21 Mar 2015; One male Taiga Flycatcher in Al Mamzar Park - 7th UAE record.
...................One ad male Little Crake at Al Wathba Wetland Reserve - 23rd UAE record.

20 Mar 2015; One Black-winged Kite at Dubai Pivot Fields - 19th UAE record.
...................One male Asian Koel at Jebel Dhanna - 17th UAE record.
...................The adult Eastern Cattle Egret at Wamm Farms - 10th UAE record, possibly returning bird.

13 Mar 2015; A Little Swift in Al Ain.

6 Mar 2015; Three Caspian Stonechat at Sila'a Peninsula.

1 Mar 2015; One Mesopotamian Crow past Al Rafa'a bridge and beach - 2nd UAE record.

17 Feb 2015; One European Goldfinch of the Grey-headed subspecies in garden near Green Mubazzarah

7 Feb 2015; Two Wire-tailed Swallow Al Warsan Lakes - 14th UAE record. One Asian Koel in Al Mamzar Park - 16th record.
...................The Ashy Drongo still present Al Mamzar Park.

31 Jan 2015; Two Little Swift Dalma Island.

24 Jan 2015; One male Asian Koel in Safa Park - 15th UAE record.

18 Jan 2015; One female Red-crested Pochard at Palm Sports Resort - 16th UAE record.

16 Jan 2015; One Forest Wagtail in Mushrif Palace Gardens. Almost annual on Abu Dhabi island.

10 Jan 2015; One Ring Ouzel on Jebel Hafit - 24th UAE record.

9 Jan 2015; The Ashy Drongo still present in Al Mamzar Park.

1 Jan 2015; One Ashy Drongo in Al Mamzar Park - 9th UAE record.
...................One Blue-cheeked Bee-eater at the Dubai Pivot Fields, a rare winter record.


3 Apr 2014; a belated report & photographs of a Pallas's Fish Eagle from Ra's al-Khor (Dubai) - 3rd UAE record.



News from 2012-2014 can be found by clicking here.

News from 2008-2011 can be found by clicking here.