May 4

Shrike id needed. Hamranitah fields DAURIAN or Isabelline!


Edited: May 4



Daurian = Isabelline, as the one we get in the UAE is: Isabelline Shrike Lanius isabellinus isabellinus

This subspecies is called Isabelline Shrike (Daurian).

Common migrant and winter visitor, October to April, scarce other months.

Birds of the subspecies-group Isabelline Shrike (Chinese) L. (isabellinus) arenarius/tsaidamensiscould occur, but not reliably reported. The bird on the photo is too dark for this species, and fits better for female Turkestan Shike = Red-tailed Shrike:


Turkestan ShrikeLanius phoenicuroides

Common migrant, March to early May and September to mid-November; scarce or absent other months. Recorded July. Note: grey-backed and grey-headed birds assigned to L. phoenicuroides ‘karelini’recorded in spring.

Turkestan Shrike


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Thnak you so much for the clarifications. Warm wishes, reza khan

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