Jul 29

some waders from ras al khor




I have a few waders I'm not sure about. All from Ras al khor mangrove hide, 25 and 26 july (last week).


The pictures are quite bad so I'm aware it might not be possible to identify them - still, I'm interested to hear opinions / posibilities. Many thanks in advance!


1. small to medium bird (between little stint and curlew sandpiper in size). there were two groups (ls and csp) in the area but this bird was alone. bill, feather pattern and color makes me think of a golden plover - either eurasian or pacific.


2. one bird, a bit larger than a little stint and hanging around two LS. shape and white underparts make me think not curlew sandpiper, no idea what else it could be.



3. most likely two different birds, but not 100% sure so I put them together.

first two pictures taken on 26 - its the bird in the back, short black bill, dark upper parts, white neck / underparts, might be some black spots on the belly, greenish legs. best guess is off-color common redshank.

pictures 3,4,5 - short bill, one picture appears black, other yellow-green. black upper parts, white underparts, some black spots on the belly, reddish legs. best guess is off-color common redshank again.








4. my best guess is wood sandpiper - but the crown seems two light and upper parts too uniform. could be due to the image quality, but maybe there's another species I'm not considering that would fit better?




OK, I'll bite. Top bird: Grey Plover. I think it's too cold-toned for Pacific Golden Next two: Broad-billed Sandpiper (nice!!) Then a whole lot of Ruff photos. They are EXTREMELY variable in leg colour A few Black-tailed Godwits with the Ruff Last photo a Common Greenshank



for point 3, besides black-tailed-godwits, do you see any common redshanks or just ruff? if not, means I have to re-check ruff vs common redshank :)

The blurry single bird looks good for Redshank To separate them, look at bill and broad scalloping of Ruff feathers

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