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Ra's Ghumeis & Ghaghah Islands

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Ra's Ghumeis is an under-watched peninsula west of Sila'a Peninsula.
It leads to Ghaghah Islands.

Directions and access:
Easily reached from the main Abu Dhabi to Saudi Arabia highway, with an exit just before the border crossing.

Drive north on the main road, that leads to Ghaghah Islands.

Birding strategy:

Be sure to check out the inlet at 24.207225 , 51.635563. This does not have a Hotspot. Yet.

eBird Hotspots;
Ra's Ghumeis--southern area

Ra's Ghumeis--Fazia'a Island viewpoint; good for Sooty Falcon in late summer

Ra's Ghumeis

Ghaghah Islands


90 species (excluding escapes) have been recorded as of January 2020.

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