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Ajban Farms  - return to Abu Dhabi area


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A relatively recent site with records dating from January 2007.

Directions and access:

Access by car is possible from position 24.610138 , 54.798809. There is a small cafeteria here.

Birding strategy:

You can drive or walk  between the individual farm plots, visiting a reed-bordered lake on the western edge at 24.628694 , 54.793146.
A few saline lakes are found along the northeastern border, at 24.634024 , 54.837494 and 24.633178 , 54.846814.




The star bird here was the second Pied Cuckoo in the UAE. The cuckoo was seen during three days in January 2009 around the position 24.631883 , 54.800255
The area is under-watched, and is sure to turn up more rarities in the future.

151 species (excluding escapes) have been recorded pr April 2014.

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