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Western Region

I have listed the most important western sites for the visiting birder below.
I am working on making them as complete as possible, with access information and birding strategies.

This will take time, and needs feedback from our visitors.

Sila'a Peninsula

- Can be one of the best birding spots in the UAE, esp during spring migration.

Ra's Ghumeis area & Ghaghah Islands

- Under-birded peninsula on the way out to Ghaghah Islands. The islands are reached by a new bridge.

Shuweihat area

- Under-birded peninsula on the way out to Sila'a. Several eBird Hotspots here.

Jebel Dhanna

- A well-watched area with great migrant and vagrancy potential. The main Hotspots open for public access.


- Housing complex and sewage pond.


- A sewage pond, hotel, fodder field and several town parks.

Madinat Zayed

- A sewage pond, fodder drying fields and town parks.

Liwa Oasis

- A huge oasis with many fodder fields, fodder drying fields, two small parks and a five-star hotel.

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