Masafi Wadi

Wamm Farms

Ra's Dibba area

Khor Kalba Corniche




East Coast

I am working on making these pages as complete as possible, with access information and birding strategies.

This will take time, and needs feedback from our visiting birders, both local and from abroad.

Names in the individual location pages are linked to the eBird Hotspot for the location.


Masafi Wadi

For mountain species like Scrub Warbler and wintering Plain Leaf Warbler. Recently a reliable site for wintering Variable Wheatear.
Bay-backed Shrike has bred here, telling us that a visit even in the hot summer months is worthwhile. 

Wamm Farms

An important migration and wintering site, with good birding even in mid-summer.


Ra's Dibba area

For seabird-watching any time of year.

The classic location is Ra's Dibba, but access here is not as easy as it was before 2013, but still possible.
Another headland is Dhadna Breakwater, with easy access.

Al Aqqah area

Wadi Wurayah NP

Fujairah Corniche & Aggregate Beach


Kalba Corniche


Khor Kalba Harbour and Khor Kalba Bridge

Good for roosting gulls and terns,  with the occasional rarity thrown in.

Khor Kalba (Alqurm Protected Area)

A trip up north to the Omani enclave of Musandam can be found here.

Ain al-Ghamour

Wadi Helo

Huwaylat Road

Hatta Mountain

Shawka Dam


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