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Northern region

I have listed the most important northern sites for the visiting birder below.
I am working on making them as complete as possible, with access information and birding strategies.

This will take time, and needs feedback from our visitors.

Names in the individual location pages are linked to the eBird Hotspot for the location.

Al Jazirah Khor (Khor Muzahmi)

Marine wetland; can be good for Crab Plover (with a telescope), Arabian Babbler and warblers.

Hamraniyah Fields

An oasis in the north with farms and mature trees.

Wadi Bih

A very long mountain wadi with several farms and seasonal lakes.

Wadi Shaam

A stunning wadi with old ruins.

Wadi Naqab

A desert wadi with spectacular mountains scenery, hiking, and plenty of birds.

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