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Photos of UAE damselflies and dragonflies


There are around 27 species of damselflies and dragonflies known to occur in UAE.

Update 17 Sep 2022: Smugmug, the host of our photos, have corrupted some of the links below. If you click on a species, and a broken link appear, please go directly to the Damselflies and Dragonflies page by clicking here

Damselflies Zygoptera

Family Protoneuridae

Arabineura khalidi - Hajar Wadi Damsel


Family Platycnemididae

Arabicnemis caerulea -  Powder Blue Damsel


Family Coenagrionidae

Ceriagrion glabrum - Olive-eyes Damsel - no known photos from the UAE

Ischnura evansi - Evan's Bluetail

Ischnura senegalensis -  Senegal Bluetail

Ischnura fountaineae

Pseudagrion decorum - Elegant Sprite

Rhodischnura nursei - new species to Arabia

Un-identified Ischnura


Dragonflies Anisoptera

Family Gomphidae

Lindenia tetraphylla - Arabian Bladetail - no known photos from the UAE

Paragomphus genei - Green Hooktail

Paragomphus sinaiticus -  Sinai Hooktail


Family Aeshnidae

Anax imperator - Blue Emperor

Anax parthenope - Lesser Emperor

Anax ephippiger -  Vagrant Emperor


Family Libellulidae

Crocothemis erythraea - Carmine Darter

Crocothemis sanguinolenta -  Bloody Scarlet

Diplacodes lefebvrei - Purple Darter

Orthetrum chrysostigma -  Epaulet Skimmer

Orthetrum ransonneti

Orthetrum sabina -  Slender Skimmer

Orthetrum taeniolatum - Azure Skimmer (Small Skimmer) - no known photos from the UAE

Pantala flavescens - Wandering Glider

Selysiothemis nigra -  Black Pennant

Sympetrum fonscolombii - Red-veined Darter

Trithemis annulata -  Purple-blushed Darter

Trithemis arteriosa -  Gulley Darter

Trithemis kirbyi -  Orange Darter

Zygonyx torridus - Ringed Cascader

Traema basilaris - Keyhole Glider (discovered in 2010 by Huw Roberts)

Urothemis thomasi - new to the UAE


Family Gomphidae

Lindenia tetraphylla - one individual apparently of this species on Lulu Island 21.04.2017 (OJ Campbell) - no known previous records from the UAE.


Un-identified Odonata


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