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Photos of UAE insects

Update 17 Sep 2022: Smugmug, the host of our photos, have corrupted some of the links below. If you click on a species, and a broken link appear, please go directly to the Insects page by clicking here


Canary Carpenter Bee Xylocopa aestuans

Carpenter Bee, un-identified species

Campsomeriella thoracica (Scoliid wasp)

Oriental Wasp Vespa orientalis

Polistes wattii

Wasp sp. (yellow) 2

Digger Wasp sp.

Asian Dwarf Honey Bee Apis florea

Megachile Leaf-cutter bee

Sphingonotus rubescens

Podalonia tydei

Un-identified bees and wasps




Spilostethus pandurus


Arabian Cicada Platypleuca arabica


Giant Longhorn Beetle Anthracocentrus arabicus

Derolus iranenss arabicus

Elegant Rhinoceros Beetle Oryctes elegans

Tiger Beetle Lophyra histrio

Sulphurous Jewel Beetle Julodis euphratica (fimbriata?)

Jewel Beetle Julodis candida

Weevil Ammocleonus aschabadensis

Red Palm Weevil Rhynchophorous ferrugineus

Dung Beetle Scarabaeus bannuensis

Pitted Beetle Adesmia cancellata clathrata

Apentanodes arabicus

Darkling Beetles


Un-identified beetles

Paratomoxioda harteni


Common Ground Mantis Eremiaphila baueri

Striped Mantis Blepharopsis mendica

Un-identified Mantis

Mole Cricket Gryllotalpa sp.

Un-identified Grasshoppers

Un-identified crickets


Waterscorpion, Nepidae


Beefly Bombyllidae

Green Lacewing

Brown Lacewing

Owl flies


Robber flies


Un-identified flies


Desert Runner Ant

Cataglyphis niger

Ant sp. - black, large

Ant sp. - black, small

Ant sp. - black, very small

Ant sp. Cataglyphis sp. - red, medium

Ant sp. Cataglyphis sp. - red, small

Un-identified ants


Tawny Earwig, Labidura riparia

Webspinner, Parembia persica



Un-identified insects



African Slug Laevicaulis alte


Isopod, Tylos maindroni



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