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UAE Bird Guiding

As of March 2024, we are happy to say that the UAE again have a full-time bird guide available.

Gary Burns

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Gary hails from South Africa, living in Dubai since 2007, with a vast knowledge of the mammals, reptiles and birds of the UAE deserts.
Owls of the UAE is Gary's speciality.

He is available for bird guiding and desert driving, looking for the unique wildlife found in the deep dunes. Trips can be from a few hours during a long lay-over at the airport, to several days, including Oman.
Gary will scout the country for your target species before you arrive.

Gary is an avid eBirder and photographer.
More details here: desertwildlife
and on Instagram
Contact Gary here

Whatsapp on +971 585592 sevenhundredandeighty


Guiding Rates

General rate is USD 100 (AED 365) pr hour. This includes the guide in a four-wheel drive vehicle.
This is for 1-3 persons, no additional cost if you are one, two or three persons in the car.

For extended trips over several days, contact Gary directly.

If you find yourself in Dubai, with no guide available, and not willing or able to rent a car, you can either rent a taxi for a half day or full day from Dubai Taxi, by ordering 24 hours in advance.
Be prepared with instructions to the taxi driver, as none of the birding sites are known to them.


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