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Bird Checklist

The Annotated Bird Checklist is available for download from Dropbox.

Four files are available from the below link:

UAE-checklist.docx: a Word document with the Annotated Checklist

UAE-sites.xlsx: an Excel file containing all UAE sites with coordinates and notes

2023-03-20-UAE-sites.kmz: a Google Earth file that marks all UAE site names in Google Earth.
Download the file and open it in Google Earth.

EBRC-Decisions.xlsx: an Excel file with all EBRC decisions on rare birds.

They are all updated frequently, so make sure you have the latest copy.

Since January 2014 the UAE taxonomy follows the IOC World Bird List.

The order of species follows Clements, to be more compatible with eBird.

Checklist with Arabic names is found here

Bird Checklist

Annual Bird Reports

Annual reports

The UAE bird records database is kept with Wildlife Recorder, a program developed by the British company Wildlife Computing

It has a built in database of all the worlds Bird species and subspecies, all the worlds Mammals, European and North American Dragonflies and Butterflies.



The below year-lists are generated from Wildlife Recorder, sorted by species. Updated November 2018.

Click on the species number to view.

2005 - 316 species

2006 - 338 species

2007 - 321 species

2008 - 324 species

2009 - 323 species

2010 - 324 species

2011 - 346 species

2012 - 347 species

2013 - 341 species

2014 - 330 species

2015 - 321 species

2016 - 327 species

2017 - 327 species

2018 - 326 species


UAE Abundance Diagram

UAE Abundance Diagram via eBird, check here

UAE bird calls

Found on Xeno-Canto, click here

Historical Emirates Bird Reports (EBR)

Thanks to the effort of Colin Richardson for making them and Mark Smiles for scanning them, the following pdf's are available for viewing. They can be saved to your computer from your web browser:

EBR 15 (Jan-Jun 1991)

EBR 16 (Jul-Dec 1991)

EBR 17 (1992)

EBR 18 (1993)

EBR 19 (1997)

EBR 20 (2003)

EBR 20 species list covering 1995-2000

EBR 21 draft

Unpublished - Delma Island and surrounding island, visit 1990


The two must-have bird books for the region are:

- Birds of the United Arab Emirates by Richard Porter and Simon Aspinall

Published in 2011, Christopher Helm Publishers Ltd.

- Collins Bird Guide 2nd edition by Lars Svensson, Killian Mullarney, Dan Zetterstrom and Peter J Grant.

Published in 2010, Harper Collins

Also available in large format

Also two apps for your Smartphone:
Birds of the Middle East app
Collins Bird Guide app

Abundance diagram
Bird calls
Historical EBR
Cover-Birds of UAE.jpg
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