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Categories of threat:

CR – Critically endangered



NT- Near-threatened

All species on the UAE list not listed below are LC (Least concern). Updated June 2017

 1.    Ferruginous Duck NT

 2.    Common Pochard VU

 3.    Flesh-footed Shearwater NT

 4.    Sooty Shearwater NT

 5.    Jouanin’s Petrel NT

 6.    Swinhoe’s Storm-Petrel NT

 7.    Socotra Cormorant VU

 8.    Egyptian Vulture EN

 9.    Lappet-faced Vulture EN

10.    Steppe Eagle EN

11.    Eastern Imperial Eagle VU

12.    Greater Spotted Eagle VU

13.    Pallid Harrier NT

14.    Sooty Falcon NT

15.    Saker Falcon NT

16.    Asian Houbara VU

17.    Eurasian Oystercatcher NT

18.    Northern Lapwing  NT

19.    Sociable Lapwing CR

20.    Eurasian Curlew NT

21.    Bar-tailed Godwit NT

22.    Black-tailed Godwit NT

23.    Great Knot EN

24.    Curlew Sandpiper NT

25.    European Turtle-Dove VU

26.    Alexandrine Parakeet NT

27.    Omani Owl DD

28.    Meadow Pipit NT

29.    Cinereous Bunting NT

30.    Yellow-breasted Bunting EN


Formerly Near-threatened but recently re-evaluated and moved to Least Concern:

-    European Roller

-    Semi-collared Flycatcher

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