Recent significant UAE bird sightings

All reports of rare birds are subject to assessment by the EBRC and should not be considered formal records.

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Black-legged Kittiwake

Al-Zora shoreline, 14 Mar 2022
© Khalifa Al Dhaheri

Radde's Accentor

Wadi Shees Park, 14 Dec 2021
© Reza Khan

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25 June 2022

A Masked Booby Khor Kalba Pelagic. 46th UAE record.
105 Wilson's Storm Petrel also recorded.

5 Jun 2022

A Brown Booby off Sharm breakwaters and beach.  Presumed same as two days earlier.

3 Jun 2022

A Brown Booby off Al Aqah--Le Meridien and beach camping. 18th UAE record.
Fledgling Black Drongo out of the nest, with both parents, in Dubai.

21 May 2022

A Masked Booby Offshore Fujairah. 45th UAE record.

The River Warbler still in Abu Dhabi--Formal Park.

20 May 2022

An Icterine Warbler in Al Mamzar Park. 17th UAE record.

A new River Warbler at Emirates Palace. 14th UAE record.

18 May 2022

The Common Chaffinch and River Warbler still in Abu Dhabi--Formal Park.


14 May 2022
A River Warbler in Abu Dhabi--Formal Park. 13th UAE record and not recorded since May 2013.

12 May 2022
First record of Black Drongo nesting in the UAE (undisclosed area).

6 May 2022

A male Common Chaffinch in Abu Dhabi--Formal Park. 7th UAE record.

An unseasonally late Semicollared Flycatcher also present.

26 Apr 2022

Two Sooty Shearwater off Faqiat Beach (Dibba Family Picnic Area). 34th UAE record.

19 Apr 2022

One Black Tern off Dibba Rock. 17th UAE record. One immature Sooty Tern, also off Dibba Rock. 25th UAE record.

Also one Sooty Shearwater off Dibba Rock. Not recorded since May 2019.

17 Apr 2022

One Griffon Vulture at Private estate near Green Mubazzarah. 16th UAE Record.

16 Apr 2022
One Red Knot Al Jazirah Khor. 13th UAE record.

15 Apr 2022

One Masked Booby off Khor Kalba--Kingfisher Retreat. 44th UAE record.

26 Mar 2022

The White-throated Kingfisher still present in Sila'a--Public Park.

22 Mar 2022

Two Cinereous Bunting (Yellow-bellied), one at Abu Dhabi--The Founder's Memorial and one Baynona Park.

20 Mar 2022

Two Barn Swallow (Tytler's) at Al Maha Forest--Pivot Fields (no access). One adult Wire-tailed Swallow same place (24th UAE record)

The Long-tailed Shrike still at Al Zorah Nursery.

18 Mar 2022

One Dusky Thrush at Emirates Palace. 5th UAE record.

15 Mar 2022
The Buff-bellied Pipit still at Al Hamriyah E-11 overpass.

14 Mar 2022

Immature Black-legged Kittiwake Al-Zora shoreline. 8th UAE record.

25 Feb 2022

One Long-tailed Shrike at Al Zorah Nursery, possibly returning bird from 2021. 10th UAE record.

19 Feb 2022

The female Eversmann's Redstart still on Jebel Hafit.

15 Feb 2022

Two Black Drongo in Mushrif National Park. Same as in Quranic Garden?? A visit to both places on the same day needed.

The Radde's Accentor still in Wadi Shees Park.

14 Feb 2022

Two Black Drongo still in Quranic Garden.

10 Feb 2022
The Bay-backed Shrike still present in Ajman BBQ Park (Ghabat Al Regayeb).

5 Feb 2022

A Wire-tailed Swallow at Khudhairah farms. 23rd UAE record.
The White-throated Kingfisher still in Sila'a--Public Park.

30 Jan 2022
Two Black Drongo in Quranic Garden.

19 Jan 2022
A new count of TWO Wire-tailed Swallows at Al Maha Forest--Pivot Fields (no access).

14 Jan 2022
Five Sociable Lapwing at Al Rawdha.

12 Jan 2022
A Hen Harrier at Al Maha Forest--Pivot Fields (no access). Not seen in the UAE since Nov 2020.

9 Jan 2022

A Long-eared Owl on Lulu Island. 17th UAE record.

8 Jan 2022

Three Spanish Sparrow in Sila'a--Harbour Marsh. 14th UAE record since summer 2007, not recorded since March 2013 (Lulu Island)

A Forest Wagtail at Sila'a WTP (14th record away from Abu Dhabi island), and the White-throated Kingfisher still in Sila'a--Public Park.

The Wire-tailed Swallow still at Al Maha Forest--southern desert lakes.

5 Jan 2022

A male Eversmann's Redstart in a private garden in Al Ain.

3 Jan 2022

A record count of 16 Little Swift at Al Ain Water Treatment Plant. 42nd UAE record.

2 Jan 2022

The Yellow-browed Warbler still in Abu Dhabi--Formal Park.

1 Jan 2022

One Long-eared Owl Al Wathba Wetland Reserve. 16th UAE record, not recorded since 2013.