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Ajman WTP - return to Central Region

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This is a water treatment area with several small lakes. Renamed for 2023 as the Ajman Sewerage Biorefinery.
Artificial wetlands in an industrial site, an easy-to-do registration required before the first visit.

Directions and access:
Visitors welcome,
Park and enter a
t point 8 (see second map below).
Click here for a Google map reference.


Birding strategy:
Please register before first visit.

Explore by foot, viewing Wetlands 3a, walk all around Wetland 2, then 3b and the northern edge of Wetland 6.
Possibly also the northern edge of Pond 4.
Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE enter the area marked Prohibited Areas.

The access document can be downloaded here

A total of 158 species are recorded as of February 2023.
Rarities have included:
- Greater White-fronted Goose, winter 2014-15
- Red-crested Pochard, Jan 2013 (14th UAE record)
- Eastern Cattle Egret, Apr 2017 (5th UAE record)
- Great White Pelican, Dec 2015 (8th UAE record)
- Water Rail, Jan 2016
- Namaqua Dove, Aug 2012
- Little Swift, Jan 2017
- Pale Martins
- Streak-throated Martins

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