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Al Jazirah Khor (Khor Muzahmi)

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Al Jazirah Khor is a large wetland immediately south of the city of Ra's al-Khaimah.

Directions and access:
From Khor al-Beida and Dreamland Beach you continue north along the main highway, pass through the village of Jazirat al-Hamra, continue until you see Al Jazeerah Khor on your left. Drive up to the big roundabout and make a u-turn. Park at 25.718151 , 55.860398, then walk (or with a 4WD, drive) up to the big sign for 'Dunes Retreat' at 25.719876 , 55.860593.
Theis is the spot to set up your telescope and view the khor below you.

Birding strategy:

Scope the chor from the big sign (see above), looking for Crab Plovers. A few is usually present. Socotra Cormorants can be abundant offshore, or resting on the island sand-spit, but be aware of Great Cormorants here as well, present from September to May.

Then drive to 25.715898 , 55.854261 and park here.

Walk the sand-dunes and ghaf trees, scanning the water below you with a telescope.
It should still be possible to walk down to the shoreline from here.
This dune system often holds Arabian Babbler and warblers.

Birds to look for in the khor and offshore; Socotra Cormorant (thousands often present, but note that Great Cormorant also occurs here), waders incl. Terek Sandpiper and Crab Plover, wintering Pallas's Gull, Saunders's and Little Tern, White-cheeked Tern.

The trees on the sand dunes holds Arabian Babbler and Southern Grey Shrike all year, and in season Desert Whitethroat, Menetrie's Warbler, Lesser Whitethroat, Asian Desert Warbler, Eastern Orphean Warbler and White-throated Robin (April).
Red-breasted Merganser has been seen here in winter, as have Red Knot (both a rarity in the UAE).

144 species recorded as of January 2020


View from the big sign above the roundabout


The new resort and villa complexes has cut the wetland in half. Some of the lagoons and northern wetlands has been left alone, as seen on the Master Plan; Environmental Learning Centre and Wetlands.

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