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Wadi Shaam

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Wadi Sha'am is a superb wadi close to the Oman border on the way to Musandam.
Sha'am village is the last settlement before the border crossing. The area in the far left corner as you enter the bowl-shaped wadi seems to be the most productive for birds.

Directions and access:
Drive in and explore.
Leave the main road at 26.033227 , 56.096547 and drive through the village of Al Jeer
Drive to 26.037117 , 56.135642, and explore the small farms all the way up to the old ruins at 26.054624 , 56.150092
Explore this last area on foot.

Birding strategy:
Explore as much as possible by foot and by car, especially the last bit around 26.054624 , 56.150092

Regular birds include Chukar Partridge, Hume's Wheatear, Desert Lark, Plain Leaf Warbler and sometimes Trumpeter Finch.
This wadi is very close to the traditional wintering site for Eversmann's Redstart further north on the Musandam Peninsula.

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