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Mirfa is a small town 100 km west of the city of Abu Dhabi.

It is rarely visited by birders, but has great potential.

Directions and access:
Easily reached from the main highway west of Abu Dhabi.

The Water treatment plant is on the opposite side of the highway, and well worth a stop.

Birding strategy:
Explore the following eBird Hotspots;
Mirfa--general area

This hotspot covers the entire area

Mirfa--eastern shoreline

As you drive in from Abu Dhabi, this shoreline and mangroves towards town is a good first stop.

Mirfa--Fodder Field

After the shoreline, a stop here can be productive. Check out the surrounding trees and wet areas.

To the immediate south lies:


Mirfa--Children's Park

A small park that can hold migrants and wintering birds

Mirfa Harbour

Worth a stop for wintering seabirds, gulls and terns.

Mirfa--Public Park

A larger park that is a must-stop before driving to the hotel.

Mirfa Hotel

The classic birding destination. Check the whole garden with trees and shoreline.
A great stop for food and refreshments.


Mirfa Water Treatment Plant

Has been great in the past. I'm not sure of the water situation these days.

200 species (excluding escapes) have been recorded as of January 2020.
Rarities and uncommon species have included;
- Pectoral Sandpiper
- Short-eared Owl

- Egyptian Nightjar
- Grey Hypocolius
- Oriental Skylark
- Hume's Leaf Warbler
- Garden Warbler
- Black-throated Thrush
- Pied Bush Chat
- Mourning Wheatear
- Olive-backed Pipit
- Eastern Cinereous Bunting

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