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Madinat Zayed

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The Madinat Zayed area is an under-watched desert oasis with great potential 125 km southwest of the city of Abu Dhabi.

Directions and access:
This pretty town is on the main road to Liwa Oasis.

Birding strategy:
Bird the various greenery and surrounding fodder fields. There is one main park as well as a Water Treatment Plant.

eBird Hotspots:
Madinat Zayed--general area

Madinat Zayed Park

Madinat Zayed WTP and pond

Madinat Zayed Camel Racetrack

89 species (excluding escapes) have been recorded as of January 2020.
Uncommon or noteworthy species include;
- White Stork
- Steppe Eagle
- Golden Eagle
- Hen Harrier
- Red-necked Phalarope
- European Turtle Dove (probably the best breeding area in the country)
- Namaqua Dove
- Little Owl
- Short-eared Owl
- Masked Shrike
- Greater Hoopoe-lark
- Black-crowned Sparrow-lark
- Lesser Short-toed Lark
- Asian Desert Warbler
- Corn Bunting
- Ortolan Bunting

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