May 11

A wader and a warbler


hello bird lovers!


This is my first post, so hello and nice to meet you all. I would like you help on identifying a couple of birds I spotted with my husband.

1st: A reed warbler? but which one? in Al Qudra Expo lakes.



2nd bird, In Lagoon hide, small-ish and short billed wader.

Sanderling, ruff? no clue!




Looking forward to your comments!

Thank you in advance!


Best regards,


Clamorous Reed Warbler - great images Second one maybe Pacific Golden Plover?

Thank you Tommy, the first image belongs to Vlad Sladariu, my husband.


Pacific Golden Plover fits the general shape. Has it been seen before in Ras al Khor?


Yes, the reason I proposed it was Khalifa’s large count there last week; 101 Pacific golden plover at mangrove hide RAK andlooks another big flock of spoon bill further about 70-100 white birds hiding head

... i'm still bothered about these plovers - especially since they seem to still be there.


I'll share my thinking & would be happy for any corrections & additional insight. Also, if anybody with a good camera gets to lagoon hide and can snap a few pictures I would greatly appreciate it!


I have some new photos (lagoon hide, 5 june ) (still bad but a little better - seems between my camera and where these guys like to hang around, that's the best I can do)


- i believe they're the same birds from may from general shape and behaviour (they are walking on the shore in the area where the terns usually are & tend to be isolated - much less clustered than the grey plovers i saw there in may)


- i don't think it was grey plover in may because of the white underparts - all the grey plovers I saw in - may had dark underparts


- same thing for the pacific golden plover in may, those were also in breeding plumage


In any case - I don't have a lot of experience so I believe the ones in may were most likely either Grey or Pacific Golden, as Tommy says. But what about these ones though? Grey and they have lost their breeding plumage in the meanwhile?










Still feels like Grey Plovers in non-breeding plumage, Vlad. But not 100% due to picture quality due heat haze

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