Jan 30

C or G Reed Warbler?


While looking back into my archive I came across photos from 28-02-2016 at Ajban Farms of what I've identified back then as Great Reed Warbler.

At that time I didn't pay attention to the calls(busy photographing a Jack Snipe), but based my assumption on a conspicuous supercilium (compared to other photos of CRW), large body, and somehow behavior (favoring the tree instead of reeds) which might have nothing to do with the species, but I've always encountered the CRW in reeds.

Since this bird is an uncommon migrant and given the time of the observation, I'm reconsidering Clamorous (Indian) Reed Warbler now, another reason is that primary-tips 7 and 8 aren't showing in the picture.

Your feedback is appreciated.




Clamorous - for the reason you've already suggested, Fouad. Too short-winged for GRW.

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