Jan 4

ID please.


Edited: Jan 4

I know ID is a big problem with pipits. I guess this one is Long-billed Pipit but I'm also inclined towards Tawny Pipit as well. Appreciate help please. These images are of same bird. Two of them were present at Al Qudra near the lake after Bab Al Shams resort.






Jan 7Edited: Jan 7

This is Tawny Pipit, Vipin. Aside from the bill being slightly shorter and more pointed, the general cold buffy colouration, lacking any orange tones to the edges of the flight feathers is classic Tawny. Long-billed also shows a longer supercilium that goes behind the ear covers more.


Whilst both like dry habitats, Long-billed is generally found in or near rockier terrain.

Thnx Mark , yet again a big saver for me , appreciate your kind help. Me too was more inclined towards Tawny Pipit.

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