Jan 16

Share eBird checklists direct from your phone


Edited: Jan 16

You can share your lists as you submit them from the mobile app - just follow these easy steps (works for iOS):


1. Once your checklist is complete, tap Review & Submit at the bottom of the app.


2. Fill in the usual checklist visit data, including the number of observers. If you enter a value greater than 1 for observers, the app will show Share checklist with.... This offers the opportunity to add UAE birdbase to your share list, so.....


3. Tap on this link and enter the eBird username of your friend(s) with whom you are sharing (UAE birdbase) and hit Done in the top right corner.


4. Now correct the number of observers if necessary (if you birded solo, reset it to 1). The app will remember your share choices. The number of shares does not need to match the number of observers.


5. Press Submit. The app will confirm that it is going to share the list. Easy. Now you need never forget to share at the end of a long day's birding!

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