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If you, like me, enjoy uploading photos to eBird, you can view them & sort them in the Macaulay Library: http://tinyurl.com/ycjknmmb


On your profile page, the number of species you have photographed also show:



New Posts
  • To have eBird mobile display the names you know, and not the USA ones, as well as showing the UAE subspecies-groups like: Great Grey Shrike (Arabian) Great Grey Shrike (Steppe), follow these steps: You now have Turkestan Shrike displayed (not Red-tailed Shrike) And the subspecies-groups are displayed
  • Sometimes it's hard to see if there is already a Hotspot existing for the area you are birding, being it in the UAE or abroad. I use two apps on my iPhone: BirdsEye Hotspots (iPhone only I think) http://nemesisbird.com/reviews/apps/birdseye-hotspots/ Or, BirdsEye app that will also tell you of species you need nearby, for iPhone & Android: http://www.birdseyebirding.com/shop/apps/birdseye-for-android/ https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/birdseye-bird-finding-guide-global-birding-tool/id324168850?mt=8
  • Two good features to note with eBird is: eBird alerts - under Explore (top left), scroll down to Alerts and set it up as needed. Target species: I use this a LOT when visiting new countries

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