Jan 24

Following Forum posts


Hi guys & girls I have been frustrated by not getting emails for new Forum posts (I use the Forum entries to add records to the UAE Bird Database for those of you not sharing via eBird). So, I looked into this just now:



In short, make sure (from the main Forum page) that you are 'Follow Category' for the themes that interest you, and in your Notification Settings you activate the Follows slider.




Hi I am going to the Est Coast tomorrow. does anyone have any good sites. I have been in the UAE 18 years but maybe someone knows somewhere that I have not seen yet,

Ref my last sorry I just seen the checklist on the site I have downloaded it and will read. Thanks

Hi Keith - welcome to us! I have not updated the website yet with East Coast Sites, but check out eBird. Masafi Wadi is great, as are some of the beaches and harbours, like Kalba Harbour and the beaches to the north. Sorry for short answer, in Texas right now, limited time....

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