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Jul 07, 2019
In Pelagic trips
Would anybody be up for a pelagic on Saturday 20th July 2019? Interested birders so far are: 1. Simon Lloyd 2. Paul Jaquith 3. Jacky Judas 4. Valentin Motteau
Jan 05, 2019
In UAE bird sightings
Mark and I ended up having a good look at three wing-barred phylloscs in Mamzar Park yesterday. Birds 1 and 3 were pretty straight forward and as well as looking the part, they both were very vocal and gave typical Hume's calls. Bird 3 even gave a short burst of song, the distinctive single, descending, high-pitched note. Bird 2, however, was a different story. It was clearly Mark's bright bird from last week but seemed to be more ambiguous, giving range of calls. At first, it sounded (to my ears) like a classic YBW but then would call like a Hume's. To look at, it seems to be showing a few pro-YBW features like bare-parts colour and a strong second wing-bar, but could it just be a very bright Hume's? Please click the eBird link below for photos and sound recordings: Comments very welcome.


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